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Three Reasons Why Everyone Should Be Streaming Netflix in 2015 #StreamTeam

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I recently realized that Friends is now streaming on Netflix, so I’ve basically spent every free moment I have binge watching the first two seasons and re-experiencing the tumultuous love story that was Ross and Rachel. I love Friends, and I love that Netflix is streaming them, and it’s just one of the hundreds of shows and movies on Netflix now that I already have on my watch list (there are thousands and thousands of others, but I’m just one person with only so much time). Of course, as a fan for many, many years (over ten), I just can’t understand why everyone doesn’t have Netflix Streaming yet.

friends netflix streaming

3 Reasons To Start 2015 Off Right With Netflix Streaming

1. Friends is my favorite show ever, and that was reason enough for me. All ten seasons for you to binge watch, or watch a bit at a time, and it is one of many popular comedy series that Netflix is bringing in for it’s customers this year. Frasier is another (love that show!) so now whenever I feel stressed, a bit down, whatever, I turn on Netflix and start streaming one of my favorite comedies to pick me up. This time of year, when we’ve had pinkeye and the flu and randoms coughs and colds come through our household already, laughter really is the best medicine, and with Netflix Streaming, I have it on demand- yahoo!

2. Original Netflix Programming that offers hits shows everyone is talking about at the water cooler…there are still must see tv shows, and now, they are all on Netflix. Want to keep up with the office talk about what’s happening on everyone’s favorite shows? Just stream them when you have free time!

puss in boots logo

3. Quality kids shows, including Original Netflix Programming for Kids that you can’t find anywhere else. The Adventures of Puss in Boots is an entire animated series that is really funny…my sons love it for the adventure and fun and I love it for the humor. There are many other shows as well, like All Hail Kind Julien and Veggie Tales in the House, that are only here (and they are soooo funny and good). My older son keeps watching Veggie Tales in the House episodes over and over, and my three year old currently loves anything with animals, particularly cats and dogs, so he is in heaven with The Adventures of Puss in Boots.

Both boys will be in school next year, so this year I’m trying to spend more time with them just having fun, and in honor of our new favorite kids show, we decided to make our own Puss In Boots with colored construction paper, scissors, crayons and glue sticks. I did all the cutting, they did all the gluing and coloring, and it was pretty fun to have our own Puss In Boots at the end…first we put him on white construction paper to add in some background elements, and then they just played with him like an action figure with their other toys.

puss in boots craft
puss in boots craft fun with kids

What do you think?

Happy Watching!

  • HilLesha

    I used not be into TV shows at all. However, Netflix has helped fostered a love for them, and now I have several favorites. Lately, I’ve been binge watching Sons of Anarchy. Normally, I hate those TV shows (or movies), but it has a really interesting story line.

  • Crystal

    I hadn’t seen Friends in so long, even though I own most of the seasons on DVD. It’s been so fun to go back and rewatch them. Have you ever noticed there’s a Reserved sign on the coffee table at Central Perk? It was just pointed out to me, and my mind was blown.

  • Anna

    You know I never got into Friends? Maybe now I can watch on Netflix!

  • Awwww,that turned out so cute! I have 4 series I’m rotating between every day on Netflix now, and weekends I do movies on there.

  • Tammy

    Aww I love that they were able to put that together on their own with mama just helping a bit with the scissors 🙂 I binge watch Netflix like a starving person 🙂 Right now we’re working on Marco Polo and The Guild.

  • Kait

    I need to jump on the Netflix train. Maybe I’ll comvince the hubby for Valentine’s Day.

  • I agree these are excellent reasons and all the reasons we love Netflix, too! Sometimes I watch a little too much when I should be working… but hey, there’s worse things I could be doing. 🙂

  • Valia

    We’re always streaming our Netflix since there are so many amazing shows on Netflix.

  • Andrea Kruse

    I have had Netflix for years, but only recently was turned onto the Netflix Original programming. It is great for my kids. They love watching the Netflix Original Veggie Tales episodes.

  • I am obsessed with Sons of Anarchy now, thanks to finding it on Netflix.