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Mom Hacks For Healthy Snacking

We are always on the go, but I never stop ensuring my family eats healthy just because I don’t have time to make every meal and snack from scratch. I want to provide them with healthy snack options without spending too much time or effort, so over time I developed some mom hacks for healthier snacking to make sure my kids are always getting the most nutrition and vitamins out of each bite. In honor of mothers day, I’m sharing my mom hacks with you!

mom hacks for healthier family snacking

Mom Hacks For Healthier Family Snacking

Maintain a perpetual jar of a simple and healthy trail mix

Make a healthy trail with a recipe of only three ingredients- mini salted pretzels and Nourish Snacks Almond to Cherries (contains both vitamin C rich tart cherries and protein packed, calcium and iron-rich roasted almonds). Kids love trail mix, it has such a variety of flavors and textures, from the sweet to the salty, and the smooth to the bumpy, so it’s universally fun. I tend to fill a jar (made from safety glass) with our trail mix and put it in my sons’ snack pantry so they can help themselves, and when I see it’s running empty I just fill it up again. I feel awesome knowing they are getting a vitamin filled and healthy snack throughout the day when they want.

healthy trail mix for kids
As a bonus, when we have to head out, I grab two of the BPA-free snack containers we keep in the snack pantry as well (with lids) and fill them each with a handful of our healthy trail mix, and pop these small containers into my purse. Our always-ready trail mix makes taking snacks on the go easier too. On long car rides, on lines, in office waiting rooms, anywhere I might hear “I’m hungry!!” I hand them a container.

healthy trail mix for kids-5

Add hidden treasure to their cereal

My kids love the same popular cereals other kids do, so I go to organic food marts and buy the same exact thing in an all natural version, and it tastes as good without BHT or anything artificial. The only problem is regular corn or rice-based cereals don’t always have all the vitamins and minerals I’d like them to have for breakfast, so I hide some of Nourish Snacks’ Berry’d Treasure in their cereal bowls to find while they eat, and now they come to look for it.

Berry’d Treasure bites are tasty bites of blueberry-apple granola that taste fabulous drenched in milk, and with each tasty bite they don’t realize they are eating something healthy…they just think they found the hidden treasure. It makes breakfast a little more fun for them, and I don’t have to stress about them eating anything artificial.

find the buried treasure

So what are your mom hacks for getting in a little extra nourishment to your family’s diet? You can find some great snack options here at Nourish Snacks.

Happy Mother’s Day!

  • Seng

    You made it so easy to make healthy snacks. Taking tips on this 😉


  • Theresa

    My kids love homemade trail mix too. I like to make it so that way I know exactly everything that we put in is healthy!

  • I hide vegetables in my son’s food because he won’t eat any veggies except potatoes. 🙂 I do try to make up healthy snacks so I can easily grab something to take with us since we seem to always be on the go.

  • Marcie W.

    I have an addiction to trail mix and really like the idea of creating my own perfect combination. Dried fruit, almonds and some dark chocolate chips would all be a must!

  • Stacey

    That trail mix sounds super tasty! I love pretzels! I would probably hide some little dried fruit in their cereal too.

  • Chrystal

    I love making my own snack packs and trail mixes. Then I know exactly what is in them.

  • Angela

    The trail mix looks wonderful! What a wonderful healthy snack, I think my kids would love this! They don’t eat cereal so that wouldn’t work, but maybe hiding “treasure” in other foods?

  • Chrysa

    That is such a simple mix, but looks delicious. Definitely a good snack to keep on hand.

  • Rosey

    I like the idea of adding things to the cereal. Smoothies are another way to sneak in the healthy if the kids are not in a mood to eat/drink healthy on their own (without a battle).