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As My Children Celebrate Me For Mother’s Day, I Celebrate Them Too #ThanksBaby

This post brought to you by Walmart. All opinions are 100% mine.

Mother’s Day is the day that celebrates moms, the day that our children thank us for everything we do. It’s celebrated in many countries, and there is a movement to celebrate it worldwide, because mother’s everywhere deserve recognition…we all sacrifice, we all lose sleep, we all work harder than we ever knew we would… and we all wouldn’t change a second of it for the world.

baby face

Nothing is as transformative as becoming a mother. You know things will change, but until you hold your baby for the first time, you don’t truly realize how full your heart is able to become, and how differently everything will seem. Everything changes- priorities, goals, ideas. I was a woman who would never have wanted to be a stay at home mom, until I became a mom. Then the idea of leaving my child just to have a bigger family income no longer made sense.

It became more important to me to see my child’s gummy smile every time I did something silly than to have more of the strappy sandals I used to prize, and it was more important to sit with my children to watch educational tv than to get highlights every other month (I still miss them a lot, but not enough). I gave up so many things that once were my daily life, and today, I have no idea why I thought they were so important. My world view changed because of my babies, and while my pre-mom self may be puzzled at my new life, my current-mom self feels like she finally “gets it”, and understands that hands with finger paint stains are more beautiful than perfectly manicured hands, because they are hands that are having fun, with the most important people in the world. I thank my babies for helping me to finally get it.

Pampers® is supporting the global Mother’s Day initiative by sharing a video celebrating all the dedicated moms, everywhere, who are willing to lose some sleep to try to witness those milestones, or even just to giggle together a little more. Pampers® helps dedicated mothers with their high quality diapers, like Pampers® Swaddlers, which have color changing technology that is activated when your baby is wet, and allows for up to 12 hours of over night protection. It’s the number one choice of hospitals (it was at ours- we used them for the first few years of each boy’s life)

Learn more at Pampers Mother’s Day.

 photo Pamper2_zps5dd344d4.png

I love this video about how things change when we become a mom- how our babies change us…everything from our makeup to what defines art. If you love it, please share it with others who will appreciate it too, and Happy Mother’s Day!

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  • So sweet, I love it when they are babies and I miss not having one around. Though I’m ok with being past the Pampers stage LOL.

  • Sweet post as always. I sometimes miss the baby age but am loving watching my children grow into their own people. Gav is so independent while Zoe is becoming a girl, losing all those baby features. They grow so fast.

  • Raijean

    These pictures are so pretty and those lashes are to die for.

  • I’d gladly give everything up all over again for my babies 🙂

  • Such a sweet post. You always write the sweetest posts.

  • Donna

    Penelope, I was the same way… I never would have dreamed I’d be a stay at home mom, but after I had my son, I couldn’t leave him. I love the pic of you and your son.

  • It warms my heart to see how much being a mom means to you. This is just so beautiful!

  • What a sweet post! And, I just absolutely love the photo, too cute!

  • My daughter is grown and I treasure the memories from when she was little. Now I get to enjoy my grandchildren. 🙂

  • I agree with Colleen. Although Pampers is an excellent brand (it is my go-to brand), it is always nice to be past the Pampers stage, yet it always wonderful when they’re babies. 🙂

  • I can only imagine all the changes that happen when you become a momma! You sounds like an amazing mom, what a cutie pie!

  • Happy Mother’s Day to you. I agree that children change everything once they arrive on the scene, and once you’re ‘finished’ (if there is ever such a thing when you’re a mom) it’s so bitter sweet.

  • Hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  • While being a stay-at-home isn’t easy, it’s still rewarding. You seem to have settled into the ‘mom’ role well. I love that photo of you with your little one!

  • I would give up everything for my children.

  • I agree that nothing has changed my life more than becoming a mother. It is definitely the most difficult, yet most rewarding job I have ever had!

  • Becoming a mother sure does change so much!

  • I appreciate my daughter each and everyday. She was a long time coming 😉

  • You are so right. I thank God everyday for putting each of my boys in my life. I don’t know what I would do if it weren’t for them.