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There Are Many Good Dads Out There

I have two boys who are the spitting image of their dad, and it’s a huge source of amusement around here. I hear comments like “Well, I can see they are brothers and it’s clear who their dad is, but anyone could be their mom” and “I’ll bet they have your ankles”. My husband loves this. They are his mini-me’s and anytime we go out and strangers remark on their resemblance, he loves it. And I love what a great dad he is.

read dad playing with sons-2

Lately, I notice what a great dad a lot of men are. I bring my son to school every day, and one morning I realized that out of the 14 children in my son’s class, I was the only mom bringing her child to school. Two were brought by their grandparents, and the rest of the waiting area was filled with fathers, dressed in their suits, patiently waiting with little man’s remaining eleven classmates for the school to open its doors for their children to enter before they could continue on their way to work. I was the only mom.

It seems people are realizing how much both parents really matter, and a lot of real men are stepping up to the role of being real dads, good dads, present dads. Unfortunately, they aren’t always portrayed this way in cinema or the media, and Dove Men+Care is committed to portraying how real men and dads care.

Real dads…

• see themselves as responsible for their child’s emotional well being.
• feel responsible for their child’s care.
• prioritize their family over their career (94%!).

Dove Men+Care research reveals a disconnect between the media’s representation of fathers’ roles and how fathers see themselves. 60% of dads say the media portrays them negatively, and because dad’s role as caregiver is often unrecognized, Dove Men+Care is sharing real, authentic moments of care to celebrate real dads for Father’s Day, featuring real men and their kids.

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Happy Father’s Day

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  • It’s good to see more stepping up to the plate taking a parenting role. I think with both parents working FT these days it is necessary.

  • That is FASCINATING that you were the only mom dropping off. Wow, have times changed and it’s pretty cool.

  • There are some really great dads out there 🙂 This is a great prize pack as my hubs really likes Dove for Men products.

  • Sounds like a great daddy for sure. My dad was so important to me, he was a man I looked up to, and was my hero!!

  • My husband has always taken an active role in the raising of our daughter. He loves spending time with her and I know he’s really going to miss her when we take her to college in fall.

  • That is pretty amazing you were the only mom dropping off a child. I am impressed and I am not at all surprised by the statistics. My husband is a wonderful father too.

  • That’s so great that people in your area are realizing the importance of dad’s interacting with their kids and integrating it in their daily routines. In my area, it’s rare when a dad is at the school. There’s a few sprinkled in here and there but it’s almost exclusively the moms doing the drop offs and pickups.

  • He sounds like a wonderful father! 🙂

  • My hubby raised his 3 sons and did a pretty good job!

  • It’s a shame dads aren’t portrayed better. There are so many amazing fathers–my husband and father included!

  • Awww! Did that commercial just bring a tear to my eye? I think it did!