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Nichol’s Love Story

My friend Nichol is another wonderful blogging friend with a sweet love story. She is visiting us from Kiddie’s Corner Deals and always speaks so well of her husband that I asked her to share a bit about their relationship to help us celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Nichol and Chris in love

How did you meet?

I moved to Chris’s school in 1994, I was in 7th grade. He was actually the first person to introduce himself to me, saying “so your the new girl, Nichol?” In the most snobbish way I said “yes, why who are you?”

What was your courtship like?

Amazing! Chris and I started dating in late 1997, 4 months later he moved to Florida and I was just heartbroken. Two months after he left, I hopped on a Greyhound bus to be with him. We knew we were meant for each other. I had a very difficult childhood without love and had to grow up much sooner then I wanted. Chris was and has always been my rock, my best friend. He got me out of a very bad time in my life and I could never thank him enough for that.

Tell me about the proposal

Oh this is such a funny story. A few months before Chris proposed he was telling me how sappy he would be; flowers, a huge poem and the big question on bended knee. I said you’ll never propose to me.

I was a customer service manager in a grocery store, closing that Valentine’s Day in 1999. Around 10PM that evening, Chris came in to visit me on break. I was walking out of the office when he opened his hands, there was a box in them, and hesaid “do you believe me now! Will you be my wife?” I giggled and said of course I will!

How do you make each other happy after marriage for all these years?

You know this is so hard. Our marriage has been so trying with our first born almost passing away at birth, the home we built in foreclosure due to those medical bills, extreme depression that made me very ill and ultimately I moved back home here to NY. Chris never left my side though. We help each other in every way, shape and form. I cook dinner, he washes the dishes after. If I’m folding clothes, he’s putting them away. I’ll dust, he’ll vacuum. Marriage is about teamwork and that has kept us happy all these years. Also, we have never been the type that needs or wants material things. As long as we have each other we are happy.

What is one piece of advice you’d give to others about finding the right person or being happily married?

Communication! Without it, there is nothing. We have been together 17 years and married 13 this August. We didn’t communicate as well in our younger years and learned that we have to talk to each other about our concerns and thoughts. Communication is the key to a strong marriage. Not yelling at each other. Remember, there are two of you, two people that have different views. But when you communicate those views, you can both be considerate of one’s feelings.

Chris and Nichol wedding

Thank you Nichol! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  • 🙂 Thanks so much for the feature Penelope!!

  • I love it! Nichol is such a wonderful person and it’s no surprise that her husband is her cheering squad. I see them interact on Facebook and it always brings a smile to my face!

  • Donna

    I love hearing everyone’s love stories! As someone who has been with my now husband 23 years, I know what a beautiful thing it is to have that special someone in your life.

  • Awww, I love Nichol! So much fun learning more about her. Sounds like she and her hubby were definitely soul mates.

  • Awww — this is my favorite of your love story features yet!

  • How sweet. It is especially lovely to see young love blossom into a successful marriage.

  • What a beautifully touching story! How wonderful to be married to your best friend.

  • what a wonderful story and such trials sounds like many happy years are ahead of them

  • Lovely story! These posts are very inspiring. 🙂

  • Aah what a sweet story! They look so happy in love!

  • That is such a sweet story Nichol and I so agree with your words of wisdom regarding “Communications” it is so true.

  • Mickey

    It’s always fun to read how people met. You look like a very happy couple!

  • Thank you for this feature. I appreciate her advice about communication – not yelling or trying to over power the other.

  • Very sweet. I also agree that communication is vital for a healthy marriage.

  • What a beautiful couple! She reminds me of myself, I also had a rough childhood and my husband was who got me through it in high school. &I definitely agree about communication!

  • What a great love story. I love hearing about how people met.

  • Aww what a beautiful love story!

  • What a beautiful love story! They truly do look like they’re in love.

  • So sweet. Not all stories of young love turn out well(mine didn’t), but it is so nice to see an exception to the rule with you and your husband Nichol.

  • I absolutely love Nichol! She is as sweet as sweet can be, and I know she really loves that man of hers!

  • I love Nichol, she is the sweetest and one day I saw her hubs share a pic of her on Facebook tagged that she is so beautiful or something like that. They are a couple to be admired, I loved reading more about their story! Happiness.

  • Aww thanks so much Tammy! My hubby is the best:)

  • We’ve had a very difficult marriage, but we made it. He’s my soul mate!

  • Love you too Tiff! He’s my everything, definitely my soul mate!

  • Thanks Colleen! I wasn’t always the best at communication, but now it is the most important.

  • Penelope

    Agree, their marriage is so wonderful 😉

  • What a sweet love story! I wish them many, many more years of wedded bliss.

  • You have such a beautiful story! It’s funny how when you find the person you’re supposed to be with, you just know. It doesn’t matter the age or distance. If it’s love, it’ll find a way.

  • This is such a beautiful story! I agree with the “marriage is teamwork” part – I’ve learned that after 4 kids – if we can’t be a team, life will always defeat us.

  • Such a great love story! Marriage takes work but it is so rewardingly worth it!