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A Few Moments Alone With @InDelight #IDelight #CoffeeBreak

May is a big month around here, because we celebrate birthdays, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and our wedding anniversary. It’s definitely a busy month, and my husband thought a great way to honor me for Mother’s Day this year would be something he never did before…he took the kids away for the day. I spend every single day with my children, and unless I’m in the shower, one of them is always with me, so he suggested it was high time I had a break.

I couldn’t have agreed more.

So he packed up our sons on Sunday afternoon and headed off to the local playground with the promise to not return for several hours. It was just me, alone, in a quiet house.

I sat and relaxed and did absolutely nothing. I didn’t load the dishwasher, or put away laundry, or anything else I would have done if my son was napping or asleep. I didn’t want to waste this time I was granted to finally relax by doing anything to catch up on housework that never ended anyway. I whiled the time away frivolously with nothing but my coffee and some gossip magazines, and it was wonderful.

moms coffee break time

After a few hours, the boys returned home with daddy, red-faced and exhilarated from the fun of running around a playground for hours, and they ran into my arms to give me hugs and tell me what they did. I realized I had really missed them!

But I’m definitely looking forward to more of these coffee breaks. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so my husband can definitely have some more guys’ days out with just them… Thanks honey!

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