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Letters To My Sons {September 2013}

To my sweet little boy,

Another summer is almost over, and you begin school next week. You are no longer a baby, or a toddler, but a big boy, about to start pre-k!

It was a wonderfully long summer, where I enjoyed watching you play with your brother, teach him, and learn quite a bit yourself. You speak well, understand so much, pick up tooo much, and figure things out- I think I have the beginnings of a brilliant scientist on my hands! Or an astronaut. Or the future president. You can pick 😉

Seriously though, you just make me proud. I’m proud of what a handsome, smart, sweet young man you are, but how wonderful you are with your brother really just makes me the most proud. I hope you will always be best friends, and always love each other and be close, like you are now. Watching my sons grow up together with such fondness for each other just fills my heart. I love to watch your brother gaze at you, fascinated by everything you do and wanted to emulate you. He has a good example to follow.

I will always love you, and I am so lucky I am able to watch you grow up, and be home to encourage, support and teach you. When you read this one day, I thought you’d like to know:

* You rode your first bike, a balance bike, all summer, and for a couple of weeks, an old scooter a neighbor gave you until it broke while you were riding it (gah! mama won’t take anyone’s old toys for you anymore)
* You say “Biscuits!” whenever you are frustrated.
* You love to watch The Lorax, Fireman Sam, Woody Woodpecker, Curious George, Rescue Bots, SpongeBob and even sometimes Blues Clues and Bratz!
* You are starting to care about what you wear, and like to pick your shoes especially. You hate the Hawaiian shorts nana bought you.
* You can not wait for school to start again! You are starting to write, and love to count by 2s, 10s, and backwards.

You are my whole heart, I will always love you.

little man writing

little man writing too

  • Mellisa

    LOL, I love that he says Buscuits when he gets mad..so cute !

  • So sweet. It’s awesome that he likes school and has such an affinity for numbers.

  • Wow he can count by 2s & 10s he is so smart. You are so lucky he’s excited about school, my daughter is already complaining about going back.

  • Love Biscuits!! Maybe I should start saying that! 🙂

  • My son loves Rescue bots! You are certainly raising some sweet boys!

  • Growing so fast, picking out their own clothes is a blessing and a curse LOL. Hope he has a fun time in pre-K this year.

  • Beautiful! I love that he says biscuits when he gets frustrated!

  • He looks like he is ready for school.

  • I love that you are recording all of these milestones!

  • Awww so cute. I can’t believe summer is gone but am looking forward to fall. I love that he LOVES Woody Woodpecker, that rocks!

  • Both your boys are adorable!

  • Love the fact that he’s coming into his own and discovering his sense of style. Biscuit though, Interesting choice of word.

  • Oooh P. We need to get our boys together!!! Landon loves Rescue Bots. I love that he says Biscuits when he’s mad, that so made me laugh. He’s so handsome. Ahh we are so lucky to have such sweet little men!

  • Donna

    Too funny! I say “biscuits” when I’m frustrated, too. LOL! How cool that he cares about what he wears, because my son could care less as long as he can wear athletic type shorts/pants… he hates jeans. All about comfort. 🙂 I love the pic of him looking back at you. Sweet.

  • Biscuits?! That’s hilarious! I wonder where that came from.

  • haha “biscuits” how cute and funny.

    We like to watch The Lorax too!

  • Penelope

    We really are lucky Alison 🙂 We have a fence now, and a backyard, so you can visit ANY TIME YOU WANT! We would LOVE to have you over!!! It will be so much fun!!!

  • Biscuits! SO cute! I didn’t know woody wood pecker was still on tv!

  • Biscuits! That’s adorable!

  • LOL Love that he chooses to say Biscuits.

  • Penelope

    There is a new generation of Woody Woodpecker! (and it’s funny)

  • Penelope

    He heard it on a show- thank goodness! He accidentally heard the f word and the d word from adults and on youtube, so I had to block web browsers and youtube and keep reminding adults to mind their language, and finally biscuits became the new thing 🙂

  • It seems like just yesterday my son was learning to ride his bike. Time sure flies and I love the idea of doing letters to him.

  • That is so cute how he says Biscuits when he is upset!

  • Angela S

    This is so sweet and I love that he says biscuits when he gets mad. Adorable!

  • I love these letters.

  • Biscuits! I gotta start saying that. Sweet T remarked that something “sounded like crap” the other day and I had to explain (while struggling not to laugh out loud) that crap isn’t something little girls say. Biscuits is much better. 🙂

  • What a cutie! That’s cute and funny how he hates the Hawaiian shorts that his nana bought him. My son was the same way when my mom bought him a Hawaiian outfit, lol. 🙂

  • Biscuits? Now that’s cute!

  • I can see why he melts your heart

  • It’s a shame that they grow up isn’t it?! And I’m so totally going to start saying Biscuits when I’m frustrated!

  • That’s so impressive Little Man is able to count by 2s and 10s. This is definitely something I need to work on with my oldest.

  • They grow up entirely too fast. Such cuties you have there.

  • What a sweet letter! I think it’s awesome that he likes an old cartoon favorite like Woody Woodpecker.

  • Poor Grandma….they’re not always the best when it comes to choosing stylish apparel. Your letter is just precious.