Letters To My Sons {December 2013}

It’s almost the end of 2013, and I have two little men who are growing too fast.

To my dear little man, next week I’ll watch you be a shepherd in your Christmas pageant. This year you took dance classes, learned a second language, sang songs, played the recorder, drew pictures and painted and acted and more. I love how you write, and say “wainbow” instead of “rainbow”, and that you think the bear that falls on the evil contractor in The Lorax is the funniest thing ever. Your teacher tells me you play with everyone, listen, are smart, and help her keep things quiet when the class gets too noisy (apparently you like to call out “Quiet everyone, there is too much noisy going on here!”)…my silly little dude :)

eating an apple

To my baby (who is no longer a baby)- I can’t believe how much you’ve changed! You are saying your first words, imitate everyone, are just as daring and stubborn and curious as your brother, and the two of you keep me on my toes! You never met a pair of socks you want to keep on, you are willing to try any food at least once, and you bat your eyes and look up at everyone with the most coy expression- I don’t believe for a minute you don’t know how charming you are. And when you sleep, you look like an angel to me.


I look forward to many more years of adventures together.

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