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PJ’s You Can Leave The House In? Jeans You Can Sleep In?

It’s a comfy, cozy time of year, when you just want to curl up with a cup of hot cocoa and comfy pj’s in front of a fire, or sit by a window watching the leaves fall. But you can’t wear your pajamas all day, no matter how fabulous that would be. Or can you?

See these denim pants below? They are fabulously comfortable and fit well, with a mid-rise waist that are exactly what I love (not mom jeans and not low cut, underwear exposing either), and boot cut (they come straight leg also, but I prefer boot-cut). They have 5 pockets, a classic blue wash, and….

…a draw-string waist. Why would JEANS have a draw string waist? Because they aren’t jeans, they are Pajama Jeans! They look like a pair of flattering, sexy jeans but feel like your favorite pj’s, and if you have to run out of the house in your pajamas, or answer the door in them, no one will know!

And of course, I wear them all day, because I love jeans, and I love jammies, and each pair of these Pajama Jeans are only $39.99 (when was the last time you saw a pair of jeans for less than $80 anywhere? I’ve seen some that are even $200 a pair). So stuff them in those stockings and pass them out to friends, because buying more offers more of a discount and any gal would love a pair of jeans she can fall asleep in.

jeans sent by https://www.pajamajeans.com/ for review, opinions are 100% my own