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Valentine’s Day is coming up, and in honor of the upcoming holiday, some wonderful women around the blogosphere have agreed to share their love stories and “how we met” stories here. My friend Jenn from is our guest today, and here is her own love story:

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I love when people ask my husband and I how we met. I always respond with the same three words…

“In a bar.”

The fact that I met a guy in a bar, began dating him…and married him four months later isn’t all that shocking. People do it all the time. What shocks people about my story is that it happened over 10 years ago.

And we’re still married.

When we met, I was in the process of ending a relationship and didn’t really notice him – but he noticed me. He noticed, and he waited patiently for me.

It took about 4 months – long enough for me to get over my ex and move him out of the “friend zone.” We began spending a lot of time together and before I knew it, we were talking about getting married. It was just a silly joke at first. He was in the military and would joke around about how after we got married, we would travel together…and I would laugh and agree, “yeah, sure, after we get married.”

Then he would joke about how he’d always take me shopping when he got his reenlistment bonuses when we were married. And how he would pick up my daughter from school for me when I had to work late – after we were married.

I don’t recall when it happened, exactly, but at some point, I stopped laughing when he would say things like that. We took a weekend trip to Washington, D.C. for Memorial Day weekend, and as he carried me on his shoulders through Arlington Cemetery, he said that after we were married, he wasn’t going to carry me around anymore. Neither of us laughed.

That night, I told him, “we should probably just get married.” and we didn’t laugh. We began planning our wedding.

People like to think that you can’t meet a quality person in a bar – but that was back before online dating and those match-maker websites. Well, AOL and Yahoo had personals sections, but those chat rooms were full of married men and pedophiles. All we had then were bars, clubs, the workplace and church. People tend to forget that. People are shocked when I tell them we met in a bar, and when they ask me how long we’ve been married, and I tell them almost 11 years, they are even more shocked.

You meet quality people in surprising places every day, if you pay enough attention. And those male friends that you just don’t see that way? Well, I didn’t see my husband that way either – until I did.

  • Kelly @ Texas Type A Mom

    What a great story! My parents met in a nightclub (this was the 80s after all so it wasn’t just a club) and they’re still together 25 years later. If you know you’re in love, I don’t think you should have to wait to get married. My husband and I were only together for 9 months before we got married (and no, I wasn’t pregnant). I think when it’s love, you just know when you’ve found the right person.ReplyCancel

  • Laurie

    Awesome story, it is always interesting to hear how people met.ReplyCancel

  • I met my husband in a bar too! We will be married 10 years this October.ReplyCancel

  • April Decheine

    Awesome, my husband was just laughing about how we met, we worked in retail together I worked in the housewares he sold furniture. I had a crush on the little Jewish man he worked with but ended up going to a ‘bar’ and hit it off. Here we are 28 years later :-)ReplyCancel

  • Nolie

    Love your story. Tobei and I were best friends before we became a couple.ReplyCancel

  • Theresa

    Aww…. what a sweet love story Jenn!ReplyCancel

  • Fawn

    Love this series you’re doing, Penelope. I actually met my husband through his mother. It’s a funny story. I keep saying I’m going to blog about it but keep forgetting. Maybe I should blog about it on Monday :).ReplyCancel

    • Penelope

      What a great way to meet your husband! I would love to hear that story! (And he obviously trusted his mom, which makes him- and her- pretty cool!)ReplyCancel

      • Fawn

        You’ve inspired me! That’ll be my blog post for Monday. Thanks, Penelope. Have a wonderful weekend.

  • Zippy Sandler

    So did we…only hubby owned it.ReplyCancel

  • nicole @WriteSpell

    Awww this is awesome! I’ve known Jenn since highschool. She’s such an amazing person!ReplyCancel

  • Rachel

    I love when you are friends first and then it changes. I believe that is what makes a great marriage. Nothing better than spending your life with your best friend.

    And my parents met in a bar. My dad went home with my mom that night and never left. That was almost 39 years ago!ReplyCancel