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Make Money Online With A Well Respected Company

This post brought to you by IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’ve been a blogger for over three years, and my site has evolved a great deal, becoming a significant part of my life that occupies a great deal of my time. When I started to make money online by learning to monetize my blog, I was one of of the thousands of bloggers who realized that my passion for writing and networking could make something I loved doing into something that also helps my family.

Many bloggers look for ways to monetize their blog, and there are probably many options out there to make money online. Some are legitimate and worthwhile, while others…not so much. Of the various things I’ve tried to monetize my blog, a favorite has been working with a company called Izea. Izea offers various ways to make money online, from Sponsored Tweets to Social Spark, and even an ad network (and if you are interested in monetizing your site, I recommend them!)

Izea has recently created a new way to make money online, Staree, which will appeal to many people because anyone can do it. If you are on twitter and facebook, and enjoy sharing photos and video, now you can get paid for it!

Staree in a nutshell:
* Apply on Staree.com by connecting your Facebook or Twitter account
* Use Staree as your photo and video app through Staree.com or through a mobile app on your iPhone or Android
* Share your photo on twitter and/or facebook
* Earn money based on traffic and views

Have fun using your creativity to make money online while networking with your social groups! The more traffic your content generates the more money you will earn. Your earnings are displayed inside of Staree.com.

Earn more: If you take great pictures Staree team members will contact you with special offers from advertisers to take pictures with their products!

When you sign up, you can keep track of how much you make, your posts, and more through your dashboard (it looks like this:)


I’m planning to apply, because I’ve enjoyed working with Izea a great deal, they are a wonderful, well-respected company with great customer support and many opportunities to earn money through blogging or social media. If you are interested in monetizing your online activity, I recommend that you check out Staree!

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