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New York City: Check Out GrubHub’s Digital Food Fest!

Love a good food festival? Grub Hub is making life in the Big Apple a little sweeter by hosting its first New York City Food Festival for New Yorkers from September 21st to October 14th!

new york city fall food festival

GrubHub is an online and mobile service that brings together New York City diners to thousands of fabulous restaurants to order delivery or pickup, just by using their web-site or mobile app. You simply type in your address to find participating local restaurants (there are fifteen in my immediate area), and are presented with their menu for you to order from. Most restaurants offer free delivery with a minimum order, and the food comes very fast.

If you are in New York City, you also get to participate in a fabulous food festival, because Grub Hub has teamed up with some of NYC’s most beloved restaurants to create the first annual Digital Food Festival– a month long food festival featuring incredible limited edition exclusives available online at GrubHub and on their mobile application.

New Yorkers can order exclusive entrees from Smash Burger, H&H Bagels, Katz’s Deli, A Salt and Battery, and many more, items that aren’t normally available for delivery, such as Katz Deli’s classic pastrami sandwich! The Digital Food Festival kicked off with over 500 diners enjoying the food festival’s goodies, such as penny scoops of ice cream from Van Leeuwen’s Artisan Ice Cream or limited edition of Jerry Seinfeld Comedy Special sandwiches from Peanut Butter & Co. (which sold out in less than 2 hours!).

GrubHub will continue to announce more great New York City delivery specials until the end of the Digital Food Festival, and you can receive daily updates about restaurants participating in the food festival as well as featured exclusives by joining then on Facebook or following on Twitter @grubhub (#DigitalFoodFest)

Grub Hub would also like to offer two $25 gift cards to try them out- anyone in participating areas (outside New York City also) is eligible. We will randomly choose two commenters between now and Monday evening!

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