Diaper Dekor- Parents Need This

I have one son and another baby on the way, and while I was nursing my son there was no offensive poopy diapers anywhere. I thought that babies just didn’t have stinky poop, or that as his mom it just didn’t bother me. It wasn’t until I stopped nursing my son and he started digesting regular foods that I discovered the truth- little man’s poop stunk.

We did what others recommended, had a dedicated waste basket with plastic bags that we’d empty regularly in order to keep odors at bay, but it didn’t work. The area around our makeshift diaper pail reaked, and we started to change the bag daily and spray the area with air fresheners to make it livable. Still the odor persisted, and it was killing us.

I had the chance to try out the Diaper Dékor Plus , a lightweight diaper container designed specifically to collect dirty diapers (up to a weeks’ worth) and trap odors inside, and it works. In fact, I don’t know how I managed up to now without it.

Why we love the Diaper Dekor Plus diaper disposal system (and you will too):

  • It has a large capacity.
  • Smelly diapers are no longer a problem as a result of the auto-shut hatch (odor trap door) and double sealing system.
  • If your hands are full, not a problem- use the foot pedal to open the lid and drop the used diaper inside…this diaper pail is hands free.
  • Easy to change bags. When a bag is full, cut the top, tie it closed, and tie up the bottom of the next bag.
  • It has a lock, so when little man plays with it, he can’t open the hatch and stick his hand inside, letting out odors or pulling out dirty diapers (and he’s tried)(and in the past succeeded).
  • diaper dekor plus diaper pail disposal system

    The Diaper Dekor Plus refill bags are actually one long continuous liner which means you can empty it when you want, with just one stinky diaper inside or after the diaper pail has been stuffed full, and replacement bags are ready.

    Check out how this fabulous diaper pail works:

    If you are expecting a baby, or know a couple who has one, this will be a much appreciated, well-used gift. Trust me. And after your kids are grown, the Diaper Dekor Plus converts into an attractive trash can for general use.

    Diaper Dekor sent to us to share our opinions

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    • I really like how it opens from the bottom. Great way to contain the odor better. You’ll be needing that before long again!ReplyCancel

    • April Decheine

      Now that is something that is needed in a house with dirty diapers!ReplyCancel

    • Laurie

      We almost go this when the boys were born, but went for the the plain old diaper pail. This looks much better.ReplyCancel

    • Megan

      Now this looks neat! I wish I had one of these about 4 years ago!ReplyCancel

    • Dee @ Cocktails with Mom

      This would have been handy when my boys were babies. A great gift for a new mom.ReplyCancel

    • Dee @ Cocktails with Mom

      This would have been great when my boys were babies. A great gift for a new mom.ReplyCancel

    • Kim @ What's That Smell?

      I had another brand of fancy diaper pail with my kids and I always had trouble with it. This one seems to correct the things that the one I had did poorly.

      I don’t need one of these because my kids are out of diapers, but I know plenty of people who do!ReplyCancel

    • Kelly

      What a great system! We walk our diapers outside to the trash whenever there’s a stinky one but this would be much more convenient.ReplyCancel

    • Shop with Me Mama (Kim)

      LOVE the Diaper Dekor. My kids are older and I still use it everyday!!!!ReplyCancel

    • Crystal @ Simply Being Mommy

      I like that it holds a lot and it opens from the bottom.ReplyCancel